Blogger – Website Builder


Blogger – Website Builder

Blogger is an American blogging software application that allows multi-user blog hosting, time-based posts with automatic back linking. Pyra Labs developed it first before being purchased by Google in 2003. The blog service is hosted on Google’s servers and is accessible through a separate subdomain of blogspot. It is free for personal use and for commercial purposes.

Blogger offers several different services for bloggers who wish to monetize their online platform through sales and advertising. The easiest way to start monetizing your blog is to sell digital products. There are a number of companies that offer ready-made digital products you can upload into your blog that are purchased by visitors. These digital products can include eBooks, online courses, software and more. In order to sell these digital products, you will need to register a domain name and create a blog.

In order to start blogging with Blogger, you will need a blog topic or a topic to write about. You can create your own blog by signing up for a free account, which is simple and easy to do. Once you have begun blogging, you can easily switch back to your free webhosting account at any time. You do not have to change your URL once you have switched back. The same applies to any future changes you may make to your site.

Another way to monetize your blog effectively is to create social media links back to your site. With Blogger, you have the ability to create social media accounts which allow you to connect with other bloggers. These accounts will also contain links to your blogs. Every time a blogger makes a post, a social media account will display an notification link that takes them back to your blog posts.

You do not have to limit yourself to using Blogger as a blogging platform. There are many other platforms available to bloggers that are free to use. You may decide to launch a paid service such as WordPress or even build a CMS yourself. These services offer a more refined experience and offer better tools and support. However, for most people, Blogger serves as a great foundation for their future online projects.

Overall, Blogger has a lot to offer both novice and long-term bloggers. Although you do have to pay to be able to access the tools you need to manage your blog, you are not charged for the space it uses. This makes it very simple to use and you can build a huge following with it. Your traffic will increase gradually as you build your following and get a handle on how to optimize your blogging. You can always find ways to incorporate other website builders into your blogging activities.