How to Use Google Trends to Track Popular Topics

A trending topic is a topic that undergoes a sudden surge in interest on a single or many social networking platforms for a short period of time. Companies who use social media marketing to promote their brands can quickly gauge social media traffic trends to determine what is holding consumer attention and capitalizing on this momentum. Understanding how trends may develop allows companies to react quickly when they begin to see momentum building. Trending topics tend to have varying factors that contribute to their rise in popularity. By analyzing current trends and incorporating them into a company’s strategy, marketers can capitalize on this new insight to create new directions for their business.


The Internet is a dynamic entity that constantly changes in appearance, functionality and popularity. Popular search terms are quickly put into disrepute when other businesses capitalize on them and consumers move on. By tracking current search trends, companies can see which keywords are garnering the most interest from consumers and which ones are losing their steam. By understanding what people are searching for, Internet marketers can fine tune their website content, ad campaigns and website content to better match search terms with the products and services they offer. This allows companies to utilize the strength of search engines to achieve their marketing goals.

Search engines provide data on user trends through tools like Google Trends and Google AdWords. Webmasters can use these tools to learn which keywords are experiencing the most interest, which ones are losing their appeal and which search terms they should abandon in favor of more popular, more lucrative keywords. Because Internet users are constantly searching for the newest information, Webmasters can find great opportunities to increase their visibility by participating in ongoing conversations on the most popular topics. By tapping into the collective thinking of the community, companies can establish themselves as experts and establish long-term relationships with their audience.

One of the biggest trends currently involves celebrities. Users search for specific celebrity photos and trends immediately shift the focus from a popular topic to that particular celebrity. This method of searching is very effective for Internet marketers because it is impossible to say for sure whether or not a certain trend will continue. However, by monitoring celebrity news trends closely, businesses can establish new trends surrounding certain celebrities and create content around those trends. For example, if a large amount of people search for the names of actors and actresses, Internet marketers can locate numerous lists of movie stars and actresses and create content around each one of them.

Another way that companies can capitalize on Google trends is by using the Google Trends filter. This filter allows webmasters to search through a central database of topics related to their niche. Once a user types a keyword into the filter, the list of topics that are related to that search term appear, giving webmasters a greater advantage when it comes to selecting topics to promote and begin marketing their websites around.

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends, especially if you’re not a major media outlet. However, by utilizing Google Trends, you’ll be able to tell what the public’s interest is in a given subject. By staying on top of the most talked about topics of interest, businesses will be able to increase their customer base and generate more revenue as well. If you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to monitor trends on the Internet, try incorporating Google Trends into your daily research.