A Quick Look At Google blogger 5.0

Blogger is an American free web content management system that allows multi-user websites with time stamped entries to be hosted on the internet. Pyra Labs created it before being purchased by Google in 2021. Google hosts the popular blogs, which are accessible through a separate subdomain of blogspot. The blogs can also be accessible through the main site blog.

There are many new features included in the new interface and to facilitate more flexibility for the bloggers. There is a new menu structure that allows a single administrator to manage multiple blogs. The administration area is tree-styled. You can view all the logs in a tree format. There are also edit options for the individual blogs like adding pictures, descriptions and tags.

The new version of blogger has several other new features. It is now possible to have custom domains and sub-domains. You can organize your archives by creating tags and keywords for each entry. You can also see your log history and see who has viewed each blog.

You can create polls from your blog administration area. A new feature lets you know what your readers want to see more of. You can also create photo galleries and search for relevant fresh content, according to a keyword or topic. This would make the whole blogging experience much more interesting and dynamic.

Now, Google is the sponsor for this project. Therefore, many improvements have been made to make the interface much friendlier to the users. In case of existing bloggers, you will get several new themes based on Google’s latest technology. For those who are yet not using blogger, it is important to sign up and get involved in this activity. As a blogger, you can write fresh content for the users and let them publish it on their sites or blogs. You can even earn money through AdSense ads placed on your content pages.

Furthermore, the blog platform has been enhanced with some new features. New archive pages help you to manage all your different blogs in one place. You can also add and edit tags on these pages. Now you can upload pictures on your blog to add some personality to your site. It has been seen that people prefer sites with visual elements such as pictures and graphics over text and plain text content.

Further, Google has taken the decision to allow only verified Google business accounts to be used for blogging. So, if you are already using blogger as your blogging tool, you will automatically be blocked by Google and won’t be able to access the platform. If you use other blogging tools, you will still be able to access Google site admin and access your blog through various social media platforms. However, now you will need to manually key in your Google account password in order to access the blog.

Apart from all the above mentioned features, Google has also provided a number of useful additions in the new interface of blogger. These additions include support for Facebook login and Facebook bookmarks. Another most important addition is the mobile friendly interface for iPad and Android devices. It is evident that Google is working hard to ensure that its new version of blogger provides a user friendly experience for all its users.