Features of Blogger – What is it and How Does it Help Businesses?

Blogger is an American free-online content management system that allows multi-user blog hosting. Pyra Labs created it first before being purchased by Google in 2003. It is now hosted by Google. Users can create a free blog using a graphical web browser or through a command line interface.


Blogger allows anyone to create and host their own free blogs on the internet. The best part is that bloggers can publish posts in any style they wish, such as text, html, RSS, video, podcast and WordPress among others. Blogs can also be managed in reverse chronological order, created using the Blogger platform. Google provides a platform for users to manage their blogs.

Blogger, similar to most blogging websites offers many features that simplify the tasks of bloggers. Blogger does not have an administration area but instead has its own set of very easy-to-use plug-ins and templates. Blogs can be easily customized according to a user’s preferences using one of the many themes available. There are no limits on how many blogs can be managed on one account. Users can even invite other bloggers and their guests to share their blogs on their account.

A popular feature of blogger is the blog post submitter. Blogs can be easily submitted to Blogger using a special post submitter. It works just like an article submission software. All blogger users need to do in order to submit their blogs is to login and choose a topic for their posts. They can then enter keywords that will make it easier for other bloggers and visitors of their blog to find them.

Bloggers can create a custom design for their blog using the Blogger design builder. This feature makes it possible for bloggers to personalize their blogs and make them appear as if they were made especially for them. They can choose fonts, colors and backgrounds for the layout of their site and apply different styles to their pictures. They can also change the layout on their Blogger homepage.

Unlike some blogging platforms, Blogger does not restrict bloggers from displaying AdSense advertisements or affiliated links. Blogger enables advertisers to place their ads on their blog posts. Blogger also offers monetizepros for its users. It allows advertisers to display different banners on their blog posts and pay a fixed amount for each click. Blogger has been successful due to its variety of features and ease of use.