Top 5 Sneaker Collaborations (2014 Edition)

#5 Sneaker Collaboration 2014 – Capsule x New Balance ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ Sneakers

Teaming up with Canadian-based sneaker boutique Capsule, New Balance introduces the MT580. Affectionately dubbed the “Canadian Tuxedo,” this denim-wrapped sneaker is inspired by the classic formalwear and features a denim upper with light accents in the heel tab and tongue. We love the New Balance iconic “N” logo in the bright red which adds a pop of colour. It might not pass as wedding attire, but denim on sneakers has never looked so classy. This is a fun collaboration that doesn’t take the whole sneaker collaboration trend too seriously.

#4 Sneaker Collaboration 2014 – Raf Simons x Sterling Ruby Adidas Metallic Leather Sneakers

Raf Simons collaborates with contemporary art legend Sterling Ruby in 2014 and the result is a pair of sneakers you’ll either love or hate. Inspired by their shared obsessions and passion for counterculture, this sneaker collaboration is a wearable piece of art. The eye-catching metallic and woven fabric upper is right on style this season and the bi-colour pink and green sole makes this an over-the-top collaboration sneakerheads will love.

#3 Sneaker Collaboration 2014 – Ronnie Fieg x Asics GT-II ‘Brazil’ Sneakers

Brazil may not have won the World Cup this year, but if you’re a supporter of the team, then this sneaker collaboration from New York-based sneaker designer Ronnie Fieg and Japanese athletic brand Asics should be on your ‘To Buy’ list in 2014. Dubbed the GT-II, the bold colours are inspired by Brazil’s flag and the upper sole sports a premium blue leather counter-balanced with a striking shade of gold. This sneaker comes with a matching blue lace or yellow/green lace.

#2 Sneaker Collaboration 2014 – PUMA x WHIZ LIMITED x mita sneakers Trinomic XT2

Sportswear brand PUMA has had a series of great sneaker collaborations in recent years, and for 2014 they’ve teamed up with two Japanese retailers, WHIZ LIMITED and mita sneakers, to introduce the Trinomic XT2. The standout feature of this sneaker is the mesh upper which showcases a gradient hue from navy to red. It’s also full of dapper details like the black suede toecap and bright accents of blood red on the sides and top eyestays. The sky blue iconic formstripe makes this sneaker collaboration undeniably PUMA.

#1 Sneaker Collaboration 2014 – Bodega x Saucony Elite ‘Polka Dot’ Sneaker 

Polka dots on sneakers is an unexpected collaboration and it’s refreshing to see this print make a comeback in 2014. The Bodega x Saucony Elite “Polka Dot” sneaker is occasionally retailed as a two-pack with one pair of sneakers in the Saucony Grid 9000 model and another in G9 Shadow 6 model. Unlike other sneaker collaborations this year which feature aggressive and bold patterns, this collaboration is more subtle and refined. The polka dots are scattered throughout the upper and midsole and will match denim jeans, cargo pants, and tailored shorts if you’re daring.