Google Acquires YouTube

In a nutshell, Google is a California based company that dominates the search market with its popular search engine known as Google. Google LLC is an American multi-national company which specializes in Internet related services and products, including a high-tech search engine, web browsing technologies, cloud computing, content delivery and development systems, software, and a smart phone. The search market has brought Google much popularity over the years.


According to estimates, the search market is now making about eighty percent profit per year. With this kind of success, one may have assumed that the sky is the limit for profits when it comes to internet marketing, but that isn’t the case. There are so many things that a company can do with a Google Search Engine. You should be able to easily know the following Google Goggles and how they can benefit you and your business.

If you are familiar with the Google X project that was initiated in the year 2007, then you would also know about Google Glass. This was one of the original products from Google, which was later integrated into the Facebook platform. It allowed users to surf the net using their eyes. It became available for all initially through the beta stage, and after testing, it was launched on the general market as well. Many experts believe that the ultimate version of Google Glass will be rolled out to the whole world sometime in the next two years. At this point, we don’t know what Google will be offering with this device.

Google began using the word googol, as they were searching for a mathematical term googol, which is used in mathematics. Googol is the word used by scientists to describe a cluster of links on the internet. It is estimated that there are around seven and a half billion links connected to the internet at any given time. Google began using this term in August 2008.

At the end of August, Google acquires YouTube, one of the most popular video sharing websites on the internet. It is believed that at the end of the sixteenth month that Google plans to roll out YouTube in all the major cities of the world. As of this writing, if you want to watch YouTube videos, you have to use your Google search engine. This is because most of the search engines do not support the functionality of YouTube, in spite of the fact that it is considered to be a great social networking website.

Google’s acquisition of YouTube comes as no surprise to those who have been following the development of this internet search engine. It has been speculated that Google may merge its products like Gmail and YouTube together into one entity called Google Plus. However, at this point, it is unclear as to whether or not this is going to happen. If Google does merge the two companies, it would be very wise for businesses to get ready for more mergers and acquisitions from other companies. It is also important for business owners to read up on news relating to mergers and acquisitions to stay on top of the game.