Newest Features of Google Chrome

Google Incorporated is a corporation in California. It is one of the most powerful companies in the internet technology industry, with its core business being search engines. It offers various products and services related to searching and obtaining information on the internet. In addition, it owns and maintains several other small companies involved in various sectors as well.


One of the products sold by google is the Google web browser. Google also produces and publishes the popular google chrome web browser and also has produced the android web browser. These two browsers are the latest versions and are designed to perform in different ways. Google also provides other web related products and services such as AdSense and content delivery network (CDN).

In 2006, the Google search engine became one of the most popular search engines on the internet. Its popularity increased with the launch of its Google smartphone application. This meant that even if people were not connected to a computer, they could still use the Google search service and go about their daily lives using Google. This made it easy for people to perform many everyday tasks such as searching information on the internet, checking the weather, booking tickets, accessing social networking sites etc.

Google launched another product called Google+ last year, which is mainly used to boost the presence of the existing Google websites such as Google Places, Google Finance and Google Maps. The latest release of Google+ includes further enhancements to the Google tools. The new features of this application include the integration of Digg and Twitter into its main search features. It will be possible for the same person to post both relevant Digg posts and relevant Twitter updates. Similarly, with the introduction of the Google+ app for Android, it is possible to share the text with other Google+ users. Further, it is also possible for people to book hotel rooms and restaurants using the Google Maps application.

To keep pace with the ever increasing need for social media visibility and the ever improving response rate on such queries, Google has introduced the Google+ social media widget in its Chrome web browser. With the help of this widget one can easily share any update through the social media platform using just one click of the mouse. Apart from being able to update oneself on the latest developments such as a new blog post or status update, it is now easier to update one’s social media profiles as well.

Apart from being an integrated search feature, the Chrome browser also offers some interesting features. Apart from offering tabs for all of the major websites of Google (which include Google Places, Google Finance, Google Maps, Google Alerts, YouTube, Google+ and many more), it also offers the AdSense program. With the AdSense program one can create and manage their own ads which will appear on the top, right hand side of the browser. To make the best use of this feature, it is advisable that one creates as many AdSense accounts as possible and can take full advantage of the various ad sizes and colors available in this regard.