What is Trending?

The verb trending is related to the word Trend and the past participle of the verb ernative ernes. The usage of the participle to define a current trend or current direction is derived from the same source. Trending has its roots in the English language with the verb “to go” and the word “trend” also meaning turn round or around. So trending means turning round. Hence, the term trending is used to define a general direction in which things are trending.


It is the intent of this article not to discuss what people should do when they notice a trend but how trending topics come about and how the trending process itself works. A trending topic is a topic that is being actively discussed by various individuals within a specific social network. Trending topics occur for a number of reasons. An individual may choose to start a conversation on a trending topic which can subsequently gain momentum and begin to trend nationally or globally. There are also times that an individual will create a topic thread on a particular topic which can then attract interest and begin to trend nationally or internationally. Also, there are times that celebrities can create a topic thread on their websites which can then result in a worldwide trend.

There are a few ways that an individual can start a trending topic. One method is through the use of the #hashtag method which is similar to the way that hash tags were used during the development of the Internet. There are many different social media outlets that allow users to tag various items with a keyword or phrases and these tags become part of the trending topics of those users. This is very similar to how search engine results pages were ranked prior to the rise of the social networks.

Other methods of trending include manually searching through trending topics from a list of trending topics provided by any number of different sources. Additionally, there are many tools available online which allow users to search for popular trending topics and collect data about them. Many website owners or users will create trending topics based off of a variety of different factors. For instance, if a large amount of users were searching for a specific kind of food at one point in time, it would most likely trend towards that specific type of food. Likewise, if an incredibly large amount of people were searching for specific songs or other types of content, it would most likely trend towards that content.

When it comes to collecting the data which is collected for trending topics, there are a few different sources from which data can be gathered. One of those sources includes the use of trending keyword tool pro which is a keyword tool that is used to collect data from various social networking outlets. A user can also access data through a third party web feed provider such as Feedburner. Another option is to search through the RSS feeds on various websites and blog pages. Finally, a keyword tool such as Google Trends can also be used in order to gather information which is then integrated into the trending topics.

As you can see, trending topics can come in a variety of different formats including articles, videos, blogs, tweets and so forth. A good keyword tool like trendytronix allows users to analyze the way in which various keywords are trending throughout the Internet. Users can then take this data and utilize it to make decisions on what their website and products should trend toward. In addition, trending topics can also come through many different types of media including YouTube, podcasts and so forth. By finding a keyword tool which can analyze these sources, you can make sure that you are getting the most out of your efforts in terms of marketing and attracting the greatest number of customers.