Twitter Trends – What’s Hot, What’s Not?


Twitter Trends – What’s Hot, What’s Not?

Twitter recently took the Internet by storm with its new trending feature. Trending has become one of the most used and popular features on Twitter. Many businesses and individuals alike use trending to keep a pulse on their industry. It is used by celebrities as well, such as Sarah Palin and Chris Evans, to keep fans updated on current events and political issues. It is also becoming used by businesses more often as they want to keep their employees up to date on current events.

A few weeks ago, Facebook introduced two new features that are making trending much more popular on their social network. The first was the official Facebook trending tab, which allows the community to track, search and view the top trending stories on Facebook. The second was the addition of hashtags, which allows a user to easily identify tweets and other posts from their friend’s that are tagged with a hash tag. Both of these changes have increased how many people can post on Facebook, creating a significant boost in overall traffic. Following are the top five most talked about Facebook trends in Worldwide, according to data collected over the past six months.

Hashtags have taken the Internet by storm. They have allowed users to tag posts and stories that are relevant to their conversations, and thus, increase the visibility of those posts. The tagging system works on a very simple principle: if a user sees a trending topic, they will want to tag something related to what they saw, so they simply write the word “trending” into the box. When a user sees a trending topic that they have not tagged, they simply write a post with that topic title and add “trending” to it. This increases the visibility of the topic to anyone who looks for it.

The second most talked about addition to Facebook, Twitter, also uses hashtags. If you search for keywords related to your business on Twitter, you will see a list of various trending topics related to your business. The great thing about this method is that the more times you post a trending topic, the more people will look at your profile and tag themselves in the post. Because there are so many people who look at these sites, your chances of building a following is greatly increased.

The third most talked about trend on Facebook right now is fan pages. Fan pages can be created with ease, and many users create multiple ones to interact with their friends more. Trending topics on Facebook now talk more about fan pages, and this has caught many people by surprise. Many businesses are starting to use fan pages to promote their businesses and grow their customer base. So, if you are interested in getting your brand out there, creating a page for your business should be one of your top priorities!

The fourth most talked about trend on Twitter is the use of hash tags. Hash tags are used to help identify tweets so that people can find them easier. If you’re able to create a couple different hash tags that describe the same topic, you’ll see an increase in search engine traffic coming to your site. The fifth most talked about trend on Twitter happens to be the integration of apps. This means that if you have an app for something on Twitter, you can easily integrate that into your app and increase the usability of your app.