What Is Google?

Google is an American multinational technology company whose main products are the search engine and cloud computing. However, its offerings extend far beyond the Internet. It also provides a variety of other services. It has one of the largest user bases, with more than a billion unique visitors every month. The company has also invested in hardware and software and is developing new services on a regular basis. It is a leading player in many industry sectors, including the medical field.


In addition to its web search engine, Google also operates Picasa, YouTube, and Chrome OS. In 2016, the company released the Google Pixel line of smartphones, as well as the Google Home smart speaker. In the same year, it released its first “Doodle,” which featured a stick figure in its logo. During this time, the company also introduced its first dog, Yoshka. As the company grew, it outgrew its garage headquarters and released several hardware products. The slogan encapsulated the company’s unconventional methods.

Today, Google employs more than a million people to power its services. Its headquarters are in Mountain View, California. The company also has data centers around the world. The Google Campus is comprised of co-working spaces. There are more than 500 computers connected by high-speed connections, as well as workshops, conferences, mentorships, and more. These data centres are located in the Silicon Valley. The company operates out of 11 campuses.

Google’s popularity was a result of its innovative approach to searching. The company’s results were more relevant to users than competitors’. By Jan. 2020, Google held 87.4% of the global market for search engines. In fact, the company was profitable enough to buy its biggest competitor, Yahoo! Its algorithms were constantly tweaked and improved to provide users with more relevant results than its competitors. As of January 2019, Google had 88.4% of the market.

Although Google is best known as a search engine, the company has expanded into many other fields, including software and hardware. For example, Google has launched its first phone, called the Pixel. A number of other products have evolved from this initial vision. Among these are its own email service, calendars, and language translation tools. While it is still best known for its search engine, the company has also expanded into hardware and software. The most notable product is its Pixel, which was created by a group of engineers.

In addition to its search engine, Google has a range of other products and services. The most prominent is its Adwords program, which is a popular pay-per-click advertising service. Its Adwords program enables advertisers to place advertisements on Google. These services help people find the information they need on the web. The company’s advertising sales team is the largest in the world. As a result, Google is a global brand.