What is Google and Why is it So Popular?

Google is a technology company. Its search engine is the most popular, but it also provides a range of other services. As of 2015, it was the world’s most popular web browser. In addition to providing search results, Google offers a range of other products, including a wide variety of mobile phones and wearables. Founded in 1998, it has expanded into a variety of fields, from delivering food to becoming an internet carrier.


Though Google’s revenue is made primarily from online advertising, the company is expanding into a number of new businesses. While it’s true that Google makes most of its money from advertising, it has also invested in a range of other businesses. Among these are video games and video streaming. Despite the fact that Google is growing quickly, the company still has strong revenue growth. It’s not hard to see why its users are increasingly attracted to its services.

The company’s rapid growth was accompanied by numerous legal challenges. The US President accused Google of censoring conservative news outlets and manipulating search results. Although it faces more legal challenges now, it’s still unlikely that it will face as many as 20 years ago. Nonetheless, the company’s success is well worth the risks. This article has been updated in celebration of Google’s twentieth anniversary. It will be updated with new information as the company grows.

In addition to Google’s search engine, the company also provides services to help businesses with their operations. Its work productivity tools include email, calendars, and time management, as well as instant messaging and video chat. It even offers language translation and mapping services. Its media-related offerings include YouTube and podcast hosting. For the business community, Google also offers a full suite of solutions. Its cloud computing services are widely used by businesses, and Google Cloud is an excellent option for business and backup.

In 2005, Page and Brin appointed Eric Schmidt as CEO of Google. He and Brin had a great relationship. However, Schmidt was reluctant to step into the company. He wanted someone with experience in the field of computer science. For example, he had worked for Sun and Novell and he had the knowledge and experience to lead the company. He was the perfect person to help the company continue to grow and become the most powerful search engine in the world.

Despite the success of Google’s search engine, it has faced criticism for its non-advertising projects. While it is crucial to make money in the online world, the company is also investing in offline projects. The Mojave Desert solar power plant is one example of its offline efforts. Both of these businesses have criticized the company’s aggressive tax avoidance practices and the use of search results. There are also issues related to competition, monopoly, and privacy.