How to Identify Trending Topics for Your E-Commerce Business


Knowing what’s trending on the internet is essential for showcasing your brand, product, or business. As an example, my friend opened an e-shop in April that sells healthcare products, but he had no idea what he was doing until the recent pandemic. By checking trending queries regularly, you can find out what people are really looking for. Here are some ways you can get started: a) Read what people are talking about online

b) Use Google’s trends to determine which products are being searched for most often. For example, women’s blouses are a popular product category. It’s easy to see which keywords are trending in a given market. You can target these products by researching relevant queries. You can also cross-reference multiple states for your ads and increase your sales. By using Google Trends, you can determine which products are getting the most attention, and make sure you’re targeting your right audience.

c. Identify keywords that are popular on the web. For example, if you’re selling women’s blouses, you should search for those terms on Google. If you see an upward trend, you should consider this product category for your product or blog post. Look for similar queries to find keywords that are trending in the market. By doing this, you can see which products are being searched the most and which ones aren’t.

d. Use trends to understand what your customers are searching for. You can find trending terms on the web by using Google’s trending tools. The website Trends allows you to compare up to five search terms. If you’d like to see which brands are outpacing yours, you can use the keyword tool in Google’s Trends site to find out how to compete. You can then compare your marketing channels to your competitors’ and create a strategy based on this information.

e. Identify the types of trending products. If you sell women’s blouses, you should try to figure out what search terms are popular for this product. This way, you can target your audience with the right keywords, product categories, and blog post topics. If you are selling a vehicle GPS case, you can target a specific demographic of hikers. If you sell handheld GPS units, consider putting them in a vehicle GPS case.

e. Search trends for specific keywords. In Google, you can search by category, geography, or geolocation. In YouTube, you can search by topic. You can also look for trending video searches. For example, you can type “everything about your favorite sports team”. You can even search for a product that relates to your favorite sport. You can also look for products and services related to your area. You will find what your audience is looking for and what’s popular for you.