What is Google?

Google was founded in October 1998 and has since expanded to include many services for consumers. The company has a vast database of information and is considered one of the world’s largest search engines. The site allows users to search for almost any topic and has more than a billion visitors per month. In November 2011, the number of searches performed on Google increased to three billion per day. The company’s name has even become a verb. The phrase “to google” has become a common way to search the Internet.


Google was founded in a Stanford dorm room and has grown to a global internet superpower. Today, the company is located in a building that was blessed with tech success. Pictures of the building can be found on CBS Interactive and CNET. Randall Stross, one of the co-founders, has written a new book called Planet, which highlights the evolution of the company. The book details the history of Google as well as some of the company’s most popular services.

Among the company’s many services, Google is well-known for its Android mobile operating system, its Chrome web browser, and its experimental Chrome OS. During the first five years of its existence, Google worked with major electronics manufacturers to manufacture its Google Nexus devices. From 2010 to 2015, the company released several hardware products including the Google Pixel line of smartphones, Google Home smart speaker, and the new Google Wifi mesh wireless router. In recent years, the company has also experimented with becoming an internet carrier.

In 2012, Google unveiled its secret server. Prior to this, the only options for free search were mainstream servers with x86 processors. However, mainframes were unprofitable and didn’t work out margins for the companies. In fact, Google is the home page of Submarine Networks, which has an incredible amount of information. It also operates a number of other services and tools, including Gmail and Panoramio.

Google is the dominant search engine on the internet. In addition to the popular search engine, the company also has a wide range of software and hardware. For example, the first Google phone called the Pixel is powered by the Google Cloud. Other Google products include Gmail and the Google Browser Sync. This company has been criticized for its monopoly over online information flow. Its success is based on the quality of its applications and services. The company’s services are widely available.

Google is also experimenting with becoming an internet carrier. According to Mayer, Google built 50% of its 2005 products in fewer than 20% of the time it would have taken to build them. Its CEO, Marissa Mayer, is an entrepreneur who believes in the power of the internet. The company is one of the largest internet companies and the number of users on the planet has increased by several times over the last decade. The internet is crucial to many consumers, but Google’s products have an increasingly competitive nature.