Can You Play Poker Online For Real Money in the US?

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You may be wondering if you can play poker online for real money in the US. The answer depends on your jurisdiction. New York, Connecticut, and other states do not prohibit players from playing poker online. The following article will provide a basic overview of the laws and legalities surrounding poker online. The information in this article is intended for residents of these states. However, it is not intended to provide legal advice about where you can play poker online. Rather, it will provide you with some information about the different kinds of online poker sites available.

Legality of playing poker online in the United States

Whether you’re in the US or not, you’ve probably wondered if you can play poker online. In most states, players from the US cannot. However, players from other states can access poker websites. Regardless of where you live, there are certain things you should know about playing poker online. Listed below are the main differences between legal and illegal US online poker sites. Read on for an overview of the main differences and how they affect players.

Although some states have legalized online poker, other states have yet to adopt their own laws. For example, the US government does not categorically label gambling online as a felony. In Washington D.C., online gambling is explicitly illegal, but it is not enforced. In Washington State, PokerStars’ license application was rejected after 2006. In Nevada, the company has to partner with a land-based casino before applying for a license.

Legality of playing poker online for real money in New York

Several legislators in New York have been trying to legalize online poker for real money for quite some time now. In fact, some of these players are likely already playing in neighboring states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania. If so, they may not have had to worry about the potential legalities of playing poker online in New York. However, there are some important points that must be considered in order to make it legal in New York.

While the State Assembly and Senate have not passed any legislation yet, recent efforts have failed to pass any legislation regulating online poker. In 2016, a bill was passed by the Senate’s Gaming, Racing and Wagering Committee, which would authorize up to 11 $10 million licenses that would be good for 10 years. This bill, however, did not even make it out of the Assembly’s Gaming, Racing and Wagering Committee. The state’s lawmakers have also indicated that they will consider a bill to legalize online poker in the future.

Legality of playing poker online in Connecticut

While Connecticut does not permit online poker, there are certain legalities involved. First, in-person poker is illegal in the state. Section 53-278a of the General Statutes specifically prohibits the activity, although it allows for gambling in the context of a bona fide social relationship. This exemption applies only to participants, not to commercial establishments. Thus, a bar that hosts a poker game would be in violation of Connecticut law. Second, online poker was legalized in 2007 by Public Act 21-23. However, no operators are currently licensed to operate in Connecticut.

While the Connecticut gaming bill does not include language addressing interstate online poker, lawmakers are considering adding such provisions. If approved, shared liquidity agreements could solve Connecticut’s traffic issues, and make the state a more appealing market for online poker. However, this is still a ways off. Connecticut has a population of just 3.5 million people, and lawmakers are hesitant to change the law. It is possible, however, that Connecticut will eventually allow online poker.