Why Blogger Is A Useful Business Blogging Platform?

Blogger is an American web content management system that allows multiple user blogs with scheduled time-stamp postings. Pyra Labs developed it first before being acquired by Google in 2002. It is hosted by Google and can be accessed via a free subdomain of blogspot. Users register for either a free account or a paid one and can create and access blogs on the site. The system allows users to make posts and share information on the internet.


Users have to log in to use the blog. Once logged in, they can create and make a number of new posts. Once the post has been posted, it will then be stored in its own designated area under the category of blog content. A new entry is added to the blogger’s area under “posts”, and when the user clicks on it, the blog will then appear at the top of the list of posted items.

There are some special “boards” that allow different categories of blogs to be listed together. These categories can include the type of blog, the name of the blogger, and/or the website. These boards can help the bloggers organized their blogs better and even get them listed in the search engine properly.

Many blogs are supported by advertisements. When a blogger wants to display advertising on his/her blog, they must first request permission from Google. This is done by going to the “Google AdSense Programmer’s Overview” page. From there, the user can fill out the necessary forms and submit their application. Upon approval of the application, the advertising on the blogs will begin to appear.

Google also offers a feature called Feedburner. Feedburner is like the Google Reader program. It allows bloggers to subscribe to RSS feeds from various sources and choose to have the posts automatically downloaded to their blog pages. Bloggers can set up any number of feedburner accounts, and each account can have its own URL. Once a blog is set up with a feedburner account, the user can install the feedburner software on their computer and then go to their Feed Burner page and click on the “Subscribe To” link. It is as easy as that!

With Blogger’s many features, it is easy for a blogger to build an attractive, functional, and well-designed blog that is full of content, is interactive, and uses the most effective advertisement options to attract visitors. The best part about using a blogger for business purposes is that it allows bloggers to create a viable online marketing strategy. No matter what type of blogger you are, if you are willing to learn how to maximize the tools at your disposal, you can become a successful online blogger.