Why Your Business Needs To Be Tracking Trends


Why Your Business Needs To Be Tracking Trends

In the world of Twitter, a topic, word, or even phrase that’s being talked about at a higher frequency than other subjects is considered a trending topic. More often than not, trending topics also become extremely popular on Twitter either due to an event which prompts folks to discuss a certain topic or just because of general public interest in the subject. But how do you really identify a trend? Let’s take a look at how to spot a trend on Twitter.

How do you think the conversations on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and blogs about brands on Twitter are related? Well, you’ll recognize the basic trend lines by looking at the average age on these social media sites. These days, people under 30 are really becoming engaged on these platforms; more so than any other age group. Therefore, the trends on these social media sites are mostly coming from younger, up-and-coming brands. The bigger question then becomes, what can these brands do to make their presence felt on these platforms in upcoming months and years? Let’s take a look at some potential avenues:

Engaging content – Twitter has many hallmarks for commonly used trending topics which many brands can utilize to give their audience the latest updates on a particular brand or products. This is actually the easiest way for a brand to get into trending topics and gain real traction. With a hallmark for your keywords, you’ll have instant access to millions of conversations around the topic. A well-designed app will provide a great deal of engaging content, making it easy for customers and current followers to connect and share.

Searchable hashtags – Users can search for the terms they’re interested in using hashtags to help them find conversations on the trending topics of their choice. However, this also enables other users to search for conversations happening on the trending topic as well. When used effectively, this strategy can help you gain visibility within your niche. So what does it entail? Usually the company offering the trending topic will create a series of keyword rich hashtags that all people searching for a solution to a particular problem can use to find conversations.

In addition, some social media trends are now seeing apps popping up on the market that allow businesses to actively monitor their own social media trends to see how they’re progressing. This can be very useful for a brand looking to stay up to date on the conversations happening around the trending topics and to get their position up in the rankings, as well. By tracking your own social media trends, you’ll know when your competitors are getting on top and know how to best respond. This can help you make quick adjustments to your marketing tactics and strategies.

Overall, there are many reasons why a brand would want to get involved in creating content and trending videos. These can be used to understand what consumers are searching for, while acting accordingly to create the right strategy for reaching them. The best thing to do though is to start using trending topics as soon as possible!