Why Is Google Important For Internet Marketing?

Google Incorporated is a corporation based in California. It is one of the biggest names in the internet and was founded by Page and Brinck Frey as a way to host web content. Google LLC is now an American international company that specializes in various internet-related technologies, including a popular search engine, online advertising services, cloud computing, information services, and mobile applications. Google Incorporated also serves as the owner of several other related ventures including Colorado franchises, Chitika, DiCarta, eHarmony, Inmotion, LinkUp, Picasa, PayPal, Sage, Shopzilla, and Yahoo! Search Marketing.


Google Incorporated’s core business is to provide search engine services. They offer many different services for searching and navigating the web. One such service that they offer is Google Search Marketing. Google Search Marketing is a program designed to help internet marketers target their specific keywords so that they can be directed to specific websites when someone performs a search using those keywords. This is important for increasing traffic to a website and is how some smaller businesses gain success online.

Google Search Marketing uses both paid advertising programs and organic search engine optimization techniques to achieve their results. Because organic search engine optimization requires that a site appear on the first page of an engine’s results pages, it is cost-intensive. Paid advertising, on the other hand, can be managed by the website owner. Google AdWords, for instance, is a paid advertising program run by Google.

Google Search Marketing also includes Google AdSense. With this service, websites can display ads on their pages without having to pay for them. These ads are relevant to the content of the site and can be clicked by people that are searching for similar items. The ads shown on a website may not have any visible text or images and are considered part of the website’s content.

Google’s other services include offering its Search Engine Result Pages, or SERPs, which are the listings that appear at the top of a Google search result. SERPs are what search engine users will see when they perform searches. Google’s other services are called its AdSense programs. AdSense allows web publishers to place advertisements on their sites for a fee.

Aside, from providing its users with its unique search service, Google also offers other features and tools that internet marketers use to their advantage. It has an integrated email service that allows users to keep in touch with each other through various applications. It also provides its users with Google Maps, which is an application that allows users to view locations around the world. Google’s other applications, such as its current version of Android and Chrome, are also helpful to internet marketers’ needs.