New Features on Google Maps


New Features on Google Maps

Google is one of the most dominant search engines on the net today. For those interested in using search engines such as Google to find information about a topic, there is a toolbar available at the top of every page on Google. When someone types a keyword into this bar, the browser will return a list of related pages that are related to the entered keyword. If a person is looking for information on how to build a shed, for example, they might enter “how to build a shed,” and the browser would provide them with a number of pages that have to do with building a shed. The user has not technically typed in the word “how to build a shed,” but has instead used the Google search bar’s toolbar to find the right page.

One of the reasons that Google is so successful is because of its simplicity. The Google toolbar is placed on every webpage on Google’s web site, so the user does not need to know anything about how to use a search engine to find what they are looking for. Another reason that Google is so successful is that the formula is relatively easy to understand. The algorithm that drives Google’s search results is called the “Google Formula.” This formula was made public in 2004, but until recently, there was much controversy and misunderstanding surrounding it.

If one were to log on to the google home page, they would be greeted by a mountain view of Google’s web pages. Each of these web pages is listed on the left hand side of the page, and the search results are listed on the right hand side. In order to be listed in the mountain view, the website must meet a few requirements. First, the web page must be interesting enough for people to visit. If it is just another sales page for the product being sold, then it won’t get anyone to log on to the site. If the website has valuable information, then the reader will be more likely to click on the Google AdWords link and visit the site.

This brings up an interesting point: does the google search engine really drive traffic to websites? In short, yes. In fact, there is a new service which enables users to browse through Google and other large databases for targeted keywords and phrases, and it also enables users to access Google’s marketplace for Android applications. Since the development of Android came out, Google has been trying to make its web search results more like what is found on an Android phone.

For example, if a user types the phrase “Google Maps” into the search bar, and they are directed to a webpage with maps, then the service will show that webpage on its mountain view. Similarly, if someone searches for “applesauce” on their keyboard and is prompted to navigate to an online website, then the site would also be displayed on the “Google Applesauce Mountain View” page. Obviously, the purpose of this service isn’t to direct traffic to any particular website, but rather it is meant to give internet users a different type of experience when searching for information on Google.

With this new feature, web users are able to search for keywords and phrases they would have never known about before, by getting a bird’s eye view of the actual website. This allows users to not only browse through Google, but also to see what other websites Google users might find useful. Imagine being able to search for an online game instead of an online shopping site! Now imagine being able to use google to find information about a restaurant instead of Google Maps!