Is Blogging Only For College Students?

First of all, what exactly is a blogger? A blogger is a person who regularly writes for a blog or web journal. Sometimes a political blogger will offer weekly commentary on current news events.

A personal blogger maintains a blog that can contain journal-like entries, photos, links to other websites, and sometimes interviews. Some political bloggers use their blogs to discuss political campaigns as well as current events surrounding that particular campaign. Blogs are used for many purposes, including marketing, building links, advertising, and generating revenue. Internet marketers use blogging as a way to promote affiliate products, to generate traffic, and to make money through Google AdSense, through blog advertising, and through direct sales to readers.

Many times blogs are started merely as hobbies or for personal reasons. Yet many bloggers turn their blogs into money-making ventures. In one case, blogger Dave Thomas started a food blog in order to sell gluten-free cookbooklets and other recipes. He received donations primarily from readers. In another, blogger Karen Smith created a jewelry-making blog to help her earn additional income while continuing to write about jewelry. Smith’s sales reached over $100k in a single month.

Some bloggers use their blogs to advertise their businesses. Blogger Karen Crouse started a blog to discuss the subject of network marketing, with the intention of making money from her readers. She ended up creating her own product, “Be The Mark”, which is now available on several websites.

Other bloggers make money by using their blogs as a means of generating traffic to their affiliate marketing sites. Blogger Christoph Lieder created a blog to discuss German culture in which he marketed his various affiliate products. Other bloggers make money from their blog by selling advertising space. For example, blogger Laura Stone advertised on her blog for companies that provide travel services.

A number of online entrepreneurs have become famous by creating blogs that offer downloadable information products such as eBooks and digital products. Marketer John Wooden has been so successful with his Internet business that he now offers audio programs on how to get rich from the Internet. Online courses by blogger Lee McIntyre have helped a number of people earn thousands of dollars each month through his digital products. Other popular blogger names include John Jonas, Jeremy Schoemaker and Greg Marshall.

One thing you have to realize about blogging is that it really isn’t one place where you can just leave your comments and leave your links. You will need to be active in the discussion forums to ensure that other users and other bloggers will find your blog. Most bloggers get involved in the discussion forums so they will have a chance of making a sale if their blog is good enough. Even if no one buys something from you, at least you did add value to the discussion.

In conclusion, blogging is still thriving as an online hobby and a great way to earn extra income. With more websites being created every day, there is still room for even more bloggers. If you are interested in blogging, you may be surprised at all the things other bloggers are doing. From creating their own blog to earning money through affiliate marketing, blogging can be quite lucrative for the right blogger.