The Secret Formula to the Top Google Ranking

If you are reading this article right now, chances are that you have heard of Google, the most popular search engine on the planet. Google was founded by two Stanford graduates, Larry Page CEO Eric Schmidt. In 2021, Google was purchased by another well-known company, Yahoo! for a staggering $80 a share. Google’s rapid rise to popularity has brought with it many changes and benefits for users, such as improved search engine results and user generated content. For businesses, Google’s ability to use search technology for their benefit has opened up a whole new world of opportunities.


The core principles behind the success of Google are simple. Google works by employing a algorithm to rank all the websites on the internet according to the strength of their keywords. The algorithm is designed to provide user friendly search results. Google relies on the power of its users to help keep it in the top rankings of the results pages. The formula, “The Google Formula” was revealed in October 2021 by three Ph.D. students working for the University of California at Davis.

As the name suggests, Google relies solely on user information. Their website contains no advertisements and is not affiliated with any other organizations. It simply displays relevant, verifiable information to its visitors, which enables it to build an incredibly large database of knowledge on virtually all topics and niches.

There is a great deal of academic research that has been done by scholars who have researched the effects that Google has on the learning patterns of students. One such study was led by Keith Baxter, who is a professor of information systems at Pace University, in New York City. Dr. Baxter and his research team conducted what is known as a web based survey of 500 high school students. The survey found that the students who used Google as their main search engine of choice gained more knowledge on the topics than did those who did not use the search engine.

As well as using the Google web crawler to retrieve information, Google also makes use of what is known as a robot called “ggedroid”. This robot is designed to analyze the content on any site that links to Google’s site. This robot not only retrieves the relevant information, but also makes connections between that information and other previously retrieved information. This process, known as “geduicing”, helps to refine information and allow businesses to make more informed decisions about their internet marketing strategies. In a nutshell, geduicing helps to improve the quality and relevancy of information which businesses can make use of on the go.

Google’s popularity amongst internet users cannot be denied. The latest figures put it at number five behind Yahoo! Answers and MSN Search. Google is certainly on its way to becoming the leading information technology company of all time.