A Look At Google’s New Product, Google+ Local


A Look At Google’s New Product, Google+ Local

The biggest name in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) today is Google. They are the makers of the most popular and effective search engine on the web today. Google is also the largest advertiser on the net. Their goal is to provide relevant search results to users. If you have a business or website, they are looking forward to helping you increase your online profits.

Google Incorporated is a California corporation with revenues in excess of $74 billion dollars. Google was started as a California college by Larry Page and Stanford University graduates. In 2021, they purchased one of the most successful internet start-ups in history, known as ” Yale Internet”. Google has gone through many evolutions since then including their acquisition of “Neogy”. Currently, Google focuses on two main areas of focus. They are:

The main article in this series will look at how Google changed their algorithms recently to increase their profitability. Recently, Google released two new features to their website called “Google Finance”, and “Google+. On January 27th, they began offering “Google Finance”, which is basically a web app for displaying your financial information on the web. Google Finance is not unlike other online finance apps like Quicken, Trade pick, etc. This app helps consumers and businesses manage all of their financial information including their budget, assets, liabilities, estimated earnings, expenses, etc.

On January 21st, Google launched two new tools to further increase their profit margin: Google Instant and Google+ Local. Google Instant is a feature available on all Google searches (not just local searches). This feature will allow the user to have access to relevant “stock recommendations” and stock quotes within moments after conducting a Google search. Google+ Local is a feature of Google’s mobile service which allows users to access local restaurants, showroom locations, and travel search results through their mobile devices.

Now let’s look at the factors that affected Google’s revenue last year. The biggest factor was their algorithm change where they made their pagerank rating more important in ranking websites. Google+ Local was launched around the same time as Google Finance, and initially the results were quite underwhelming. However, as people started visiting local restaurants and searching for restaurants online through their mobile devices, Google+ Local began to see a significant increase in traffic. Additionally, since the update, the conversion rate on Google search queries has gone up by + 48%, so it is safe to assume that the change made Google’s business model easier to implement and market online.

To sum it up, we found that Google has finally launched its new product, Google+ Local, to replace Google Places. Google Plus has taken the place of Google Places, as the new algorithm is the same as the one used by Google in its main search engine. We also found that Google+ Local only has a pagerank of 2.5, which is significantly lower than the pagerank of Google Places. Hopefully, this new product will be able to leverage off of the success of Google Places.