Google Now – The New Search Engine


Google Now – The New Search Engine

Google, a division of Google Inc., is a popular search engine provider offered by Google. Managing more than 3.5 billion searches a day, it holds a 92 percent share of the worldwide search market. Besides offering information and displaying search results, Google includes other features to make the online user experience better. For example, Google launched the Google Now search feature that combines the personal computing power with the Internet. The result is an innovative virtual personal assistant which is ready to take care of all your daily tasks, right from searching for information to surfing the Web and sending e-mails. You can also use the feature to watch YouTube videos and stream music from your preferred social media site.

The introduction of Now is seen as one of the major transformations in terms of Google’s search services. Now, everything that you want to know about a particular topic is just a few mouse clicks away. It starts from the name of the query, all the way down to its definition and even a direct comparison with other websites. The new feature also offers information on natural and organic search results. Users can now sift through different topics based on location, demographics and other relevant information.

To make it even more exciting, Now has taken the functionality of its Search engine service to a new level. Along with the Now feature, Google has also rolled out Google Maps, an amazing new feature that provides users with detailed information on where a particular place is located in relation to other places. This information comes with street-level maps for easy location query and support of transit. Another major change introduced with Now is the in-built conversion of results to Google Search, which offers richer search results and instant results upon clicking of a Google home page link or search query box.

One interesting aspect about Now is its integration with the social networking giant, Facebook. The social network has recently introduced a feature called “Like” that allows the same functionality as Google’s Search feature does. Users can now easily like a webpage and have it show up in their Google results. This functionality will most probably force Facebook users to begin using Now, especially if they were a fan of the company earlier.

The major search engines like Yahoo, Bing and MSN are not quite ready to welcome Now. Their search tools still remain mobile-friendly and their web search functionality is still far from being mobile-friendly. The reason behind this is that these search giants still want to focus more on being desktop-based search services than mobile-based services. But Now has the knack of coming up with innovative features that help search giant customers to be on the go and make their work easier. So we can expect a lot of exciting things to happen in the next few months, especially Now, as it continues to revolutionize our lives.

What is your opinion? Is Now better than its older siblings like G Speak, Google Talk, Google Search, etc.? Let us know in the comments section. Are you a Google user? If yes, what’s your experience so far with Now?