How to Monetize Your Blogger Site

Blogger is an American online content managing system that allows multi-owner blogs with customizable time-stamp entries. Pyra Labs created it prior to being purchased by Google in 2003. Google owns the blog sites, which are accessible via a separate subdomain of blogspot. The site also includes a backend “admin” area where users can enter and edit content. All contents are immediately published on the main site when new posts are created or sections are deleted.


In this article we will discuss the steps on how a professional blogger can make money with a blog. As a professional blogger you will need to have several different blog websites so that you can earn an income. One of the ways to do this is through AdSense. Google pays the host site every time a visitor clicks on one of the ads displayed on the page. You can set up a single blog if you only want to post your own content but it can also be beneficial to sell advertisement space.

Since Google has made changes to their search algorithm it is much harder to rank for a particular keyword in the SERPs. One way to make your website attractive to the visitors is to add some content related to your niche. The blogger site should contain articles, video and other types of media files that are relevant to your niche. It would be a good idea to use the left-hand column to display all relevant information. This way the Google spider will be able to find your website quickly. To monetize your blog consider joining some of the affiliate programs offered by ClickBank.

It is recommended that you start with building your personal web design first, then move to blogging once your design is complete. If you already have a business website or blog then it would be a lot easier to start blogging. You will still need a domain name and hosting, but things will be easier when you have more than one domain name. There are many free domain name providers available, especially if you use dot com as your web design. Once you have the domain name registered you can then use your web design company to create your blogger site.

Blogging is similar to social media marketing and article marketing but the focus of this strategy is content marketing. The reason why content marketing is so effective for blogger is because readers like to read blogs that contain useful information. Blogging also helps increase traffic to your main site because blog posts usually link back to the blogging website. Most bloggers choose to monetize their blog by selling advertising space. You will need an account from Google AdSense and then you can place relevant advertisements on your blog.

If you are a beginner to internet marketing then tumblr may be a great way to monetize your blogger site. Tumblr is similar to MySpace in that you can network with other bloggers as well as enjoy lots of advertising space. However, unlike MySpace you do not have to actively participate in the community in order to build your reader base. Through the use of images you can share your blog posts along with images and videos you can also sell to your readers. On tumblr you can also make videos about your products and services as well as build lists of recommendations. So the next time you are wondering what a great way to monetize your blogger site consider using tumblr.