How To Monitor Trends With Twitter and Hootsuite


How To Monitor Trends With Twitter and Hootsuite

Twitter gives its users the ability to find out what people are talking about instantly, but this service also provides another vital way of communicating: trending topics. A trending topic is any subject which is being talked about more often on Twitter. Generally, this means any subject that is being discussed more frequently on the social media site. This can include anything from movies, politics, fashion, and TV shows to news stories. In short, anything that might be of interest to anyone who uses Twitter will be placed into a trending topic.

Twitter’s real strength lies in the ability to use trending as a marketing tool. As anyone who has used Twitter will tell you, the site is primarily a place for people to chat live. Users can quickly highlight their favorite websites or people by quickly typing out a keyword or phrase and seeing the most mentions immediately appear. For this reason, brands need to take advantage of this feature in order to gain new customers or increase interest in current ones.

One way that businesses can use Twitter to their advantage is by using trending topics to generate interest in their brand. All businesses need to do is add a hash tag to their website URL, which automatically pulls up trending topics from all over the Internet. This way, the company doesn’t have to dedicate resources to tracking down interesting trends for each individual website, but rather can focus their attention on the most popular topics. Twitter has also introduced the ability to see tweets in your feed based on keywords, which means that you can see tweets from individuals you care about as well as tweets from random people on Twitter. By tracking what is being talked about around the clock, it is now possible to monitor any sort of trending topic and follow any conversations that seem to make sense to you.

However, some businesses are wary of using Twitter to monitor trending topics due to the difficulty of finding relevant keywords. Luckily, there is another option available to them called Hootsuite. Hootsuite allows users to search their trending topics based on keywords or phrases. The website aggregates tweets from all over the Internet and displays them in one place, so it is easier than ever to keep track of your trending keywords.

Utilizing both of these options is the ideal strategy for monitoring your trending topics on Twitter. By using Twitter’s hashtags, businesses can find the hottest topics and discussions on the social media site and analyze their language to learn the common trends that they are talking about. Meanwhile, Hootsuite allows users to search for certain keywords related to their trending topics and automatically pulls up the most popular hashtags in tweets based on the searches.

Viral marketing is all about gaining attention and keeping it. By harnessing both of these tools, a business can easily create interest in their website and attract the attention of their target market by finding the perfect trending topic and staying on top of the viral trend. It may seem complicated at first, but using the right tools will eventually put you in the lead of your competition and keep your brand in front of your customer’s mind. So what are you waiting for?