Why is Trending So Important on Social Media?

A trending topic is a topic that experiences a significant surge in interest on one or many social networking platforms for a brief period of time. It is important to monitor these trends because they offer the potential to drive large amounts of traffic to a website. An ecommerce site can use trending topics to determine what people are talking about on their social networking channels and how this information can be used to optimize sales for the company. Trending topics are often those that have been featured in media outlets such as online newspapers or television news shows. Businesses can look at popular social media outlets to see what is holding consumer attention and capitalizing on this trend.


Companies can find trending topics by using two different types of sources. They can use search engine rankings and trending topics themselves. Keywords can help business owners identify trending topics by looking at the most popular searches for a given keyword. For example, the top trending keywords on Google for the month of April were “fake nails,” “hand painting,” and “home decorating.” These keywords can give an ecommerce site an idea of what their buyers are searching for.

A more effective way to identify trending topics is to look at trending keywords within the larger search terms. If people are searching for “hand painting” but also typing in “home decorating,” the resulting search terms “home decorating” may have greater value than “fake nails.” Businesses should strive to make sure that the keywords they use are as general as possible because they will need to promote their products within other niches that their customers may not be searching for. For example, a business may want to target users searching for “hand painted furniture.”

A good way to keep up with the most popular trending topics is to participate in the discussions on social networking channels. Ecommerce conversations are a great place to introduce your products, become known as an expert, and add new followers to your account. Many social networks allow users to create trending topics that showcase their expertise. For businesses, participating in conversations and answering questions on popular topics will help to establish your brand as an expert in your industry.

The rise of social media and the power of hashtags makes it possible to track trending topics from within your own community. Using the hash tag # trending on Twitter and Google+ will help you find conversations happening within your industry. Look to your competitors’ accounts to see what keywords they are using to promote their brand. You can also do this on your own social media pages to see which keywords your followers are using to find your brand.

The rise of hashtags has made it easier than ever for consumers to communicate and interact with one another. Using the # trending tags on your profile will help to keep you connected and engaged with your customers. Be sure to check back often to see the newest trends on the internet and what people are talking about. If your customers are searching for solutions, consider offering them trending topics on your website or via social media outlets. Trends are an important indicator of what your customers and your industry are thinking. Trends are changing at a rapid pace so make sure to keep up with them and participate in conversations within your industry.