The Power of Trending Topics in Social Media

Trending has become the buzzword when it comes to using the internet for business. The word ‘trending’ itself suggests something dynamic, and thus it’s clear that the use of this term is meant to indicate something which is changing. It’s no longer news that some companies are more profitable than others, but rather a process by which the companies themselves use a system of databases to track their profit levels.


Trending in the context of SEO is about incorporating rich, engaging content into your website or blog. The word itself refers to the noun, trend and the verb which means: being current or up-to-date. The concept of trending is also closely associated with the word social media and the word social; today, many social media websites feature trending topics, and trending topics are hot commodities. There is even a whole subset of topics which are referred to as “trending topics” in various forms on the internet. So, as you can imagine, a search engine’s ability to pick up a large volume of relevant, engaging content will give it a distinct advantage over other search engines.

It’s not just in the context of search engine optimization (SEO) that trending takes place. In fact, SEO is intimately associated with trending since many professionals believe that quality content is infinitely more valuable than quantity. Therefore, SEO becomes closely aligned with the concept of trending. Many people believe that SEO is all about using keywords in the appropriate way to gain ranking for them – but many experts argue that this is the misunderstandings. In fact, keyword stuffing, where people try to cram as many keywords into a page as possible, is not regarded by SEO professionals as being Trending.

So how can a business to ensure its presence on a trending topic? One simple way is to join social media networks. The best ones out there right now are Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – but there is no reason to stop there. If you’re already using one or more of these platforms, it would be a good idea to make use of the trending search term in your profile description. This way, if someone searches for a related topic, you’ll show up in the search results, albeit in a different way to what your competitors are doing.

Another strategy is to target your keyword term within your content. For example, if you’re marketing a solution to dry skin care, then adding the term trending skin care would be an excellent move. By doing this, not only will you show up in search engine results for a related topic, you’ll also gain some traction within the social media community itself. This could lead to better coverage in traditional media outlets as well as a boost in organic traffic to your website.

So, in summary, Trending topics is a great way to stay ahead of the trends. Use it for your business and you’ll reap the benefits of increased traffic, visibility and brand credibility. But do remember to always be vigilant and check back every now and then. Sprout social media to capture the next big and upcoming trends first!